Associate Artist:

The Swan's Associate Artist for 2022-2023

David Gordon

David Gordon plays keyboard in Earthcycle

Our Associate Artist this season is the pianist, harpsichordist and composer David Gordon, who many of you will know from his numerous appearances with The Swan.

A gifted communicator and a thrilling performer, David divides his musical life between the worlds of early music and jazz, frequently combining the two. Improvisation is central to his work, whether performing with his jazz trio or as soloist/director with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, the London Chamber Orchestra or Concerto Köln.

At the harpsichord he remains respectful of its baroque origins whilst elevating its role and reimagining it for the 21st century. Renowned for his ability to shape-shift effortlessly between genres, David’s outrageously creative approach is a joy to witness, incorporating extreme spontaneity and the sculpting of otherworldly soundscapes.

This season we have commissioned a new suite of works from him based on Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, which will be incorporated into our Earthcycle project, a contemplation of humanity’s impact on Earth’s environment and a celebration of nature and our place within it.


Past Associate Artists:

Trish Clowes
The Swan's Associate Artist 2021-2022: Trish Clowes, Saxophonist and Composer