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Engaging with music to spark a memory or conversation

Sally Harrop plays clarinet

Between 2010 & 2021 the Swan has delivered a programme of community engagement in care homes, and community settings across Stratford-upon-Avon, Birmingham, Worcestershire and Herefordshire in support of our residencies and regular concert series. Initially, most of this engagement centred on Stratford, resulting in a very loyal and regular audience for our concert series, a strong Friends membership group and the formation of a Dementia Arts Network to enable Arts Organisations to work together in the Town and strong local partnerships.


Our new model of immersive residency (which commenced in September 2018) has learned from this broad experience. It’s not ‘same-old, same-old’, but a recognition that the community around each concert venue has very different needs and that each community responds tenfold when engaged with and participating in the process of creativity.

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“Music has such a powerful role in supporting people at whatever stage of their dementia journey. It is such an amazing experience to see people come alive with the music; join in, tap their feet, sing along and really get involved with the sessions.
We are so pleased to be able to bring our professional musicians to these homes & cafés and know that our players are gaining a great deal from the experience too.”

The Swan interacting with creativity to
brighten the lives of people living with dementia

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