Swan Projects presents Earthcycle a Four Seasons for the 21st century – a multi media experience celebrating the 300th anniversary of Vivaldi’s astonishing work. Featuring specially shot contextual film, bespoke lighting and sound design, Earthcycle contemplates humanity’s most urgent environmental concerns whilst celebrating nature and our place within it.



Listen to our podcasts featuring environmental journalist George Monbiot and Madeleine Finlay. 


Three concerts feature in the Swan Projects Earthcycle. Find out when our next concert takes place.


Earthcycle Swan Projects also includes:

  • Earthcycle Album (Signum Classics) and filmed 45 minute digital concert to be released in January 2024
  • Nurture Nature – 2 x videos for primary school children with downloadable lesson plans led by instrumental quartets in partnership with author, trainer, and educator Felicity Robinson of Landscapes Naturally
  • Podcasts x 2 for primary school children with author Madeleine Finlay (Guardian Science Podcasts), empowering children to take small changes to mitigate climate change, and showing the value of connecting to the natural world in partnership with Stratford Literary Festival.

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