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Scroll down to view current & past projects in primary, secondary & SEND schools, in further & higher education, for families and in the community caring for those with dementia. For more information call 01789 267567 or email: education@orchestraoftheswan.org to sign up for termly e-newsletters.

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Read on for current and past projects in primary and secondary SEND schools, in further and higher education. For more information call 01789 267567 or email education@orchestraoftheswan.org.

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Four Shorts is part of Orchestra of the Swan’s annual commissioning programme allowing OOTS ‘Associate Composers’ Lucia Caruso and Pedro da Silva (funded by the Sorel Organisation from Sept 2016- Sept 2019), to share their expertise with students studying composition at all levels, including BTEC, GCSE, A Level , Graduate and Post Graduate.

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Past Projects

During June and July 2016, OOTS musicians led four 2-hour cross-curricular workshops in Barrs Hill School, Coventry relating to Key Stage 3 history, music, english and maths.

Working with thirty Year 7 and 8 pupils, cellist Matthew Forbes, viola player Ruth Woolley and violinist Naomi Rump used themes from Ralph Vaughan Williams’ The Lark Ascending to inspire young composers to develop their own creative responses through poetry and music.

BBC Ten Pieces and The Lark Ascending Project

OOTS has also worked in regional SEND Schools in partnership with Talking Birds to deliver 3 successful opera projects since 2013 including ‘Troy Story’ and ‘Ant and Cleo – The Musical’, which have enabled children to reach their full creative potential, supported collaboration between SEND and mainstream schools and helped to break down prejudice.

Special Education Needs & Disability (SEND) School Projects

Family Focused

Family Focused

Few arts organisations offer concerts for families; accordingly, children, particularly those on the autistic spectrum, miss out on the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of a live orchestra. Since 2015, OOTS has worked in partnership with Town Hall Birmingham, Autism West Midlands, Chelmsford Theatre and Orchestras Live in partnership with ventriloquist James Rowney to stage ‘Relaxed Concerts’ aimed at those with autism.

OOTS Relaxed Concert at Town Hall, Birmingham 2015

Music for Life

Since 2014, OOTS has delivered a programme of over 440 live performance workshops to residents in 33 care homes caring for those with dementia, their families, staff and carers in Birmingham, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Nuneaton & Bedworth in partnership with Mindsong.

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