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Carnival of the Animals

Time and date:
15/09 at 3:00 PM
Stratford PlayHouse 14 Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6LU
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This event is part of the Stratford on Avon Music Festival - full details at www.stratfordmusicfestival.com

Eleven Orchestra of the Swan professional musicians will perform Saint Saens ‘Carnival of the Animals’ with narration by Matthew Sharp.

This event is Fantastic for Families

The concert is preceded by 4 days of workshop delivery by Ros Ingram and Ali Allen of Escape Arts at the Stratford River Festival (6th & 7th July) and Leamington Art in the Park (3rd & 4th August). Workshop participants will create components for an Aquarium- based artwork to be assembled during the performance. A community film will be produced by Chris Bradley, an Escape Arts filmmaker, of the creation process, for projection during the performance on a loop and to provide evidence of activity for funders. The entire installation will be moved into the main foyer during festival week.

This project gives many local people the opportunity to contribute to the final artwork!


The Carnival of the Animals (Le Carnaval des Animaux) is one of the best-known pieces of classical music for children. Fourteen short movements will be interspersed with humorous poetry by Ogden Nash depicting each of the ‘beasties’.

Just to give you a flavour, here is the Elephant poem:

Elephants are useful friends,
Equipped with handles at both ends.
They have a wrinkled moth-proof hide;
Their teeth are upside down, outside.
If you think the elephant preposterous,
You’ve probably never seen a rhinosterous.

The concert will last no more than 1 hour.

  1. Introduction and Royal
  2. March of the Lion
  3. Hens and Roosters
  4. Wild Asses
  5. Tortoise
  6. The Elephant
  7. Kangaroos
  8. Aquarium
  9. Persons with Long Ears
  10. The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Woods
  11. Aviary
  12. Pianists
  13. Fossils