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Janina Fialkowska plays Chopin

Rossini The Barber of Seville (Overture)
Chopin Piano Concerto no2 in F minor
Beethoven Symphony no8 in F major

Janina Fialkowska piano
David Curtis conductor

Rossini was a hugely prolific composer, rattling off 39 operas in 19 years, retiring at 39 and writing almost nothing for the next 40 years – yet this didn’t seem to affect the quality of his output, as tonight’s much-loved opener testifies. Following that, what finer interpreter of Chopin’s melodic, sensual concertos can there be than Montreal-born Fialkowska, who brings her exquisite touch to the sumptuous textures of the F minor Concerto?

Beethoven called his 8th: ‘my little symphony in F’, distinguishing it from its larger cousin, The Pastoral, written in the same key. It is said he also felt it was impossible not to write lyrically, and peacefully in the key of F, and whether this is true or not, the symphony certainly bears out that theory. Written when he was 41 and extremely unhappy, it is surprisingly light-hearted, and remains cheerful even in its loudest, later stages.

Pre-Concert Talk (6.30pm to 7pm): Presented by conductor, David Curtis.
Free entry using your ticket for the concert.

Prices: £33.50, £28.50, £17.50, £13.50

Event Details

Venue: Cheltenham Town Hall
Date: 24 Oct 2017
Time: From 7:30 pm