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New York comes to Stratford

Pedro Da Silva

Pedro Da Silva

Copland Music for Movies
Pedro H. da Silva Portuguese Guitar Concerto *
Lucia Caruso ‘Clouds’ for Piano and Orchestra
Copland Music for the Theatre

Pedro H. da Silva portuguese guitar
Lucia Caruso piano
David Curtis conductor

* world premiere

Aaron Copland’s iconic depiction of great American landscapes, Music for Movies and Theatre, is accompanied by exciting works from a new generation of New York-based composers, Lucia Caruso and Pedro da Silva.

Tickets: from £9.50 to 29.50

6.45pm What’s the Score? A pre-concert talks with David Curtis and guests (free to ticket holders)

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Event Details

Venue: Stratford Play House
Date: 5 Dec 2017
Time: From 7:30 pm