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14/01 at 6:00 PM
Stratford Play House
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*Tickets available soon*

Timelapse, 14 January 2021, Stratford Play House 6pm and 8:30pm  

‘Timelapse’ will incorporate a selection of pieces from Orchestra of the Swan’s new album of the same name;  a CD that creates a space where sounds of the past and present collide to form a unique musical landscape. Although the pieces were written, in some cases, centuries apart and in culturally disparate eras, it is striking how much these contrasting works inhabit such similar emotional territory. Works by Rameau, Adés, Satie, Schubert and Grieg, will be interspersed with selected movements from ‘Four Seasons Recomposed’ by Max Richter. 

Featuring excerpts from the new Timelapse album which is available in our web shop.

Hans Richter Four Seasons Re-imagined


Director – David Le Page