Bringing world class composers and musicians to your school, college or university

Four Shorts is part of Orchestra of the Swan’s annual commissioning programme allowing OOTS ‘Associate Composers’ Lucia Caruso and Pedro da Silva (funded by the Sorel Organisation from Sept 2016- Sept 2019), to share their expertise with students studying composition at all levels, including BTEC, GCSE, A Level , Graduate and Post Graduate.

Four Shorts aims to

  • provide our Associate Composers with the valuable experience of working with and mentoring music students
  • provide composition students with access to world class composers and performers
  • enable students to write a short work for Orchestra of the Swan and to have their own work rehearsed, performed and recorded for submission as part of their exam portfolio
  • present all new works in public at pre-concert events which may be filmed for composer archive and promotional use
  • offer all participants a richer understanding of compositional and performing techniques
  • provide students with information as to progression in studies, the arts and the workplace

To find out how your school, college or university can take part in this or other OOTS projects linked to composition, improvisation and performance skills, or to book a one-off masterclass on any of these topics, please contact our Learning & Participation Manager Sue Pope on:

For detailed information on the Four Shorts Projects, please click here.