The Infernal Machine | Stratford Play House | June 2022

This concert explored the harpsichord in all it’s guises from Biber to Bach, and Scarlatti and Couperin.

*Photography by Cliff Armstrong

David Gordon and David Le Page in Infernal Machine
Victoria Brawn, Nick Stringfellow and Sally Harrop
David Le Page in The Infernal Machine, Stratford Play House
David Gordon
David le page and David gordon

This concert featured the following players:

Violin 1: David Le Page
Violin 2: Jenny Sacha
Viola: Rose Redgrave
Cello: Nick Stringfellow
Bass:Claire Whitson
Flute: Nick Bhattacharjee
Oboe: Victoria Brawn
Clarinet: Sally Harrop
Harpsichord: David Gordon

“Nothing defines the Orchestra of the Swan better than its commitment to new repertoire….(with) programmes (that) have a knack of making connections which are genuinely stimulating”