Pastoral| Warwick Hall | March 2022

Violinist Thomas Gould directed The Swans in a performance featuring repertoire connected by pastoral themes and folk influences. 

*Photography by Michael Robertson Smith.

Thomas Gould performs pastoral at warwick hall
Thomas Gould performs pastoral at warwick hall
Pastoral at Warwick Hall with the Swans
Pastoral at Warwick School
Thomas Gould with The Swans

This concert featured the following players:

Violin1: Thomas Gould, Catherine Leech, Barbara O’Reilly, Liz Hodson, Angela Ntwiagyei, Lizzie Barker
Violin 2: Shulah Oliver, Caroline Mitchell, Naomi Rump Daniel Jung
Viola: Vanessa Murby, Sophie Broadbent Robyn LundMark Chivers
Cello: Karen Stephenson, Gabriella Swallow, James Douglas, Hetti Price
Bass: Claire Whitson Ayse Osman 
Flute: Diane Clark
Piccolo: Nick Bhattacharjee
Oboe Victoria Brawn Louise Braithwaite
Clarinet: Sally Harrop, Tom Caldecote
Bassoon: hilip Brookes, Oliver Galletta
Horn: Francesca Moore-Bridger, Kate Hainsworth
Trumpet: Stuart Essenhigh Peter Wright
Trombone: Martha Ann Brookes, Kevin Pitt
Timpani: Tim Farmer

“Nothing defines the Orchestra of the Swan better than its commitment to new repertoire….(with) programmes (that) have a knack of making connections which are genuinely stimulating”