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Music Education Online

A series of short videos for music students from OOTS principal players.

Diane Clark and her flute

Diane Clark talks about Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique – 1st movement

Diane Clark talks about Mendelssohn’s Symphony no.4 – 4th movement

Diane Clark offers some practice techniques

Mozart and the Hunting Horn with Francesca Moore-Bridger

The French Horn and Me with Francesca Moore-Bridger

The Horn through the Ages

Till Eulenspiegel

Martha Ann Brookes and how she became a professional trombonist

Martha Ann discusses the opening of Wagner’s Tannhauser Overture

Martha-Ann Brookes discusses the Trombone Solo in the Tuba Mirum from Mozart’s Requiem

Martha-Ann Brookes discusses the Introduction and History of the Tuba Mirum from Mozart’s Requiem

Robyn Lund – How I became a freelance viola player

Robyn Lund talks through the Bach Prelude to Cello Suite No.2 in D Minor

Robyn Lund discusses the Telemann Viola Concerto in G, 2nd movement

Making practice more effective by using SMART Goals, with Robyn Lund

Philip Brookes talks about his bassoon

Philip Brookes talks about the Overture of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro

Philip Brookes talks about Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto Exposition

Victoria Brawn – How I became a professional oboist

Victoria Brawn talks about Brahms, his influences and his Violin Concerto

An introduction to the Cor Anglais with Louise Braithwaite

Oboe Reed Making with Louise Braithwaite

Orchestra of the Swan – Over the Rainbow (Diane Clark)

Orchestra of the Swan – I dreamed a dream (Martha Ann & Philip Brookes)

Orchestra of the Swan – A Little Night Music

A collaborative residency with pupils at Priestley Smith School and Orchestra of the Swan Part of OOTS’ ‘A Sound Education’ initiative