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Timelapse by Orchestra of the Swan

Timelapse album cover

Timelapse creates a space where sounds of the past and present collide to form a unique musical landscape. Although the pieces were written, in some cases, centuries apart and in culturally disparate eras, it is striking how much these contrasting works inhabit such similar emotional territory. Intriguing pairings of works by Rameau and Radiohead, Schubert, and The Smiths, Adés and Grieg, Satie and Reich, compliment each other beautifully and style have become irrelevant.

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  1. Sleep Softly (Arr. David le Page) by Franz Schubert
  2. Air by Edvard Grieg
  3. Les Barricades Mysteriuses (arr. David le Page) by François Couperin
  4. Duet by Steve Reich – Orchestra of the Swan
  5. O Albion by Thomas Adés
  6. Sleep 1 by Antonio Vivaldi & Trish Clowes and Orchestra of the Swan
  7. Gnossiennes No. 1 (Arr. David le Page) by Erik Satie
  8. Pyramid Song (arr. David le Page) by Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brian, Phil Selway
  9. Les Boreades: Entrée pour les muses, les zéphyres, les saisons, les heures et les artes by Jean-Philip Rameau
  10. Sleep 2 by Antonio Vivaldi  & David Gordon
  11. Heroes (Arr. David le Page) by David Bowie & Brian Eno
  12. Chorale by Errollyn Wallen
  13. There is a Light That Never Goes Out by Johnny Marr & Steven Patrick Morrisey
  14. Three Pieces in Old Style  by Henryk Górecki