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NEW - Musical Shares Videos

We know that having three national lockdowns due to a World pandemic is likely to have an impact on most peoples’ mental health, particularly those in community settings, who are living with dementia and currently unable to receive visitors due to the Covid-19 restrictions. So we have put together these five videos for you to use either in a group setting (care home) or in the family home.

What are they and what’s included?

A series of five Musical Shares videos, each lasting 45 minutes and featuring players from Orchestra of the Swan, playing a number of classical favourites, with downloadable song sheets and guidance notes for interactive sessions. Each session is structured to encourage conversation with family or carers and each video comes with a downloadable song sheet and guidance notes. Don’t forget to download the song sheets to make the sessions interactive. The downloads can be found below each video.

Who are they for?

They provide a relaxed and friendly musical experience for everyone, but especially for those living with dementia. Music is a powerful connector, particularly for those living with dementia, so it is important that music remains a feature in their day-to-day lives, to stay and feel connected, and reducing feelings of social isolation that some may feel. We hope that by offering these free videos within the community, we can bring a little light relief into what could be a very stressful time.

How best to use these videos?

These videos are best used alongside the guidance notes and the downloadable song sheets.  They will provide a brief background to each piece and give you a suggested conversation theme to use. If the music sparks a memory or conversation then why not pause the video at this point, to continue your sharing, or proceed onto the next piece, pausing when you feel the time is right to do so.

Give Us Your Feedback – Take The Survey!

After you have watched the videos it would really help us to develop and improve our online resources, if you could take part in the 5 mins survey, which you can click on underneath. We can only improve with your feedback.

Musical Shares – Videos 1 and 2

Musical Shares – Videos 3 and 4

Musical Shares – Video 5

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