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‘Sleep 1’, Trish Clowes

Ahead of the official release of Timelapse, due out January 2021, sees the launch of the first single ‘Sleep 1’ performed by saxophonist and composer Trish Clowes.

Trish was given a recording of the string parts of the second movement of ‘Autumn’, by Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’, recorded by Orchestra of the Swan at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, in January this year.

This was then used as a starting point for Trish to interpret the track in her own unique way. The recording took place at the height of the pandemic and was recorded from her home during the first lockdown and the results are hypnotic.

Watch Trish talking to Orchestra of the Swan about the extended techniques used, to create such a unique sound for the single, in the video below.

Over the summer we launched the Vivaldi Sleep Project, on the back of the Timelapse album, inviting a group of Birmingham University media students to create a unique visual interpretation to the new musical versions of Sleep, one of which was Robert Titu’s film for our first single from Timelapse, Trish Clowes ‘Sleep 1’.

Watch Robert Titu’s fascinating interpretation of Trish’s ‘Sleep 1’ here

‘Sleep 1’ the single is out now and available from: Apple Music and Spotify

You can also purchase Timelapse the album from our web shop to purchase in CD format.