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Orchestra of the Swan presents the world-premiere of the first Portuguese Guitar Concerto

Portuguese composer and multi-instrumentalist Pedro Henriques da Silva, will perform the world-premiere of the first Portuguese Guitar Concerto with Orchestra of the Swan.

Under the baton of David Curtis, the concert will take place on Tuesday, December 5th at 7:30 pm, at the Stratford ArtsHouse in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Da Silva’s concerto was commissioned by the visionary Korean photographer, Ahae, and the Sorel Foundation, drawing inspiration from a series of photographs of Dusk, Night, and Dawn by Ahae.

The concerto is a Transclassical™ work, a term coined by da Silva’s wife and collaborator, Argentine composer and pianist Lucia Caruso. The term describes a style of music based on classical music techniques, incorporating improvisation and elements from different cultures from around the world. The Portuguese guitar is an instrument associated with the traditional music from Fado in Portugal, but da Silva takes it beyond that role using a multitude of unusual techniques and sonorities.

His innovations have led him to explore the possibilities of using an eBow on the Portuguese guitar – another first – which is an electric bow normally used on electric guitar. Along with the eBow, he uses a guitar slide to imitate the sound of the Bansuri, an Indian flute. Another unique sonority is achieved with an Engle – a kind of guitar hammer – to do rhythmic and percussive techniques that have not been used in a concerto before.

Other influences in this composition come from Portuguese music, Bulgarian rhythms, as well as some scales and harmonies that are typical of French Impressionism. Besides traditional Portuguese guitar playing style, da Silva uses classical guitar and mandolin techniques to bring the instrument to another level of performance.

It’s set to be a wonderful evening and tickets can be purchased from the Stratford ArtsHouse website or over the phone (01789 207100).

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