Psalm: Trumpet Concertos with S. Desbruslais


  1. Skyspace: I. Aurum – Deborah Pritchard
  2. Skyspace: II. Aurum Resonance – Deborah Pritchard
  3. Skyspace: III. Light Iridescent – Deborah Pritchard
  4. Skyspace: IV. Opaque – Deborah Pritchard
  5. Skyspace: V. Opaque Resonance – Deborah Pritchard
  6. Skyspace: VI. Dark Iridescent – Deborah Pritchard
  7. Skyspace: VI. Cerulean – Deborah Pritchard
  8. Psalm – A Song of Ascents – Robert Saxton
  9. Trumpet Concerto “La Primavera”: I. Allegro – John McCabe
  10. Trumpet Concerto “La Primavera”: II. Andante – John McCabe
  11. Trumpet Concerto “La Primavera”: III. Quick – John McCabe
  12. Shakespeare Scenes: I. The Magic Wood – Robert Saxton
  13. Shakespeare Scenes: II. Falstaff – Robert Saxton
  14. Shakespeare Scenes: III. The Storm on the Heath – Robert Saxton
  15. Shakespeare Scenes: IV. Masque – Robert Saxton
  16. Shakespeare Scenes: V. The Magic Island – Robert Saxton

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Simon Desbruslais leads the performances on this disc of world premiere recordings from some of the UK’s leading composers.

Desbruslais’s immaculate playing and faultless musicality serve all these works well. I do not think that his playing in these works could be bettered…The Orchestra of the Swan’s committed… — 

Seeking to expand the trumpet’s repertoire of concerto and orchestra works, Simon Desbruslais was inspired after performing Robert Saxton’s Psalm to help comission the three new works on this programme: Saxton’s Shakespeare Scenes, Deborah Pritchard’s Skyspace and John McCabe’s La Primavera.