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Timelapse 2.0 – Night Owl Digital Concert (PRE-ORDER – Available from 26/04/21)



A live experience based on the Swan’s new album of the same name; a recording that creates a space where sounds of the past and present collide to form a unique musical landscape. Although the pieces were written, in some cases, centuries apart and in culturally disparate eras, it is striking how much these contrasting works inhabit such similar emotional territory. Sit back and let us take you on a mesmerising journey. Includes Radiohead cover of Pyramid Song arranged by David Le Page. Available to stream from 19 April 2021.


Available to stream FOR FREE from 26 APRIL 2021

“Time is but the space between our memories; as soon as we cease to perceive this space, time has disappeared.” Henri-Frédéric  Amiel

A remarkable voyage through time and space featuring music by Pergolesi, Grieg, Bowie, Radiohead (Pyramid Song arranged by David Le Page), Nyman, Couperin and Rameau with special guests Trish Clowes (saxophone) and David Gordon (harpsichord and piano).

Director – David Le Page
Saxophone – Trish Clowes
Keyboards – David Gordon

Please note you will only need one link per household.

Please note: Your link to view this concert will be sent out on 26 APRIL 2021 AT 8PM



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