OOTS has worked in regional SEND Schools in partnership with Talking Birds to deliver 3 successful opera projects since 2013 including ‘Troy Story’ and ‘Ant and Cleo – The Musical’, which have enabled children to reach their full creative potential, supported collaboration between SEND and mainstream schools and helped to break down prejudice.

SEND Magazine … Reaching for the Stars
“Our pupils have complex and significant learning delay, autism and physical disability. The opera schedule seemed daunting and for our students the challenge was enormous. However, workshops, led by professional artists, allowed the pupils from the three schools to work together and grow in confidence and self-belief.

Working alongside pupils from other schools helped participants to forget differences. For our young adults, communication and social interaction are significant barriers to learning, but were overcome by friendships developed and shared experiences.

They discovered qualities needed to make the performance a success; commitment, timekeeping, self-belief, teamwork, focus, listening and hard work. Importantly, the opera brought together our local community and opened the hearts and minds of all. Our pupils are more confident, are proud of the part they played and have made new friends”.
Niki Jones, Deputy Head, Welcombe Hills School