21st Anniversary Campaign

OOTS has just celebrated its milestone 21st anniversary season (Sept 2016 to Aug 2017). Mark this coming of age by donating either a one-off gift or committing to an annual donation over 3 years towards the following activity, designed to develop yet further OOTS’ talented core players:

  • Commission and record annually 2 new concertos featuring our virtuoso principals
  • Fund 4 extra rehearsals per year to develop ensemble playing and OOTS’ unique string sound
  • Bring light into the dark world of dementia with live performance workshops in regional care homes that care for people with dementia

View the current donor list.

Any donations made between now and July 2019 will be match funded 1:1 by the Arts Council
How to donate To make your gift, please click on the appropriate category below which will take you to our online payment processing page

Make a one-off donation
Category Annual Gift For 3 Years Top up with Gift Aid Total Birthday Gift Over 3 Years
Cousin £100 £25 £375
Sibling £250 £62.50 £937.50
Parent £500 £125 £1,875
Godparent £1,000 £250 £3,750
Grandparent £2,500 £625 £9,375
Great-Grandparent £5,000 £1,250 £18,750

Benefits: All donors are listed on the website and in our concert programmes. For those who commit £500 or more per year for 3 years:

Category Comp. tickets to an annual concert of your choice A private concert and dinner in a prestigious private home
Parent 2 Tickets
Godparent 4 Tickets
Grandparent 6 Tickets
Great-Grandparent 8 Tickets Up to 6 guests