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The Swan Blog- Issue 8. The Cajun Crawl

Lisa Marie Houghton-Reade, Developmeny o-ordinator, Orchestra of the Swan

This week the students at Priestley Smith gear up for their final performance.

Dated: 16 July 2021

Our project with the students at Priestley Smith School continues very well.  The students are positively engaged and enthusiastic about the three songs they will perform at the final concert in mid-July, to show their peers, parents, and teachers how much they have achieved musically

Louise is teaching recorder groups of eager VI pupils to play the three selected songs for the final performance. Her groups are studying key skills, such as breathing ahead and articulation using the correct tongue technique and have a range of rhythm patterns secured too. April Fredrick, The Swan’s guest soloist soprano, has helped the students to add lyrics to The Cajun Crawl and they took great pleasure in singing these along to the music.


Swan Soprano April Frederick with Priestley smith student
April Fredrick and Priestly Smith student. Picture courtesy of Priestley Smith

Chris and Tim continue to teach students how to play the cello and percussion respectively and are both delighted by the progress their students are making. Chris commented that he feels “the young people are really beginning to get it”, insomuch that they all join in playing, and singing and are confident to be the centre of attention during performances of the three tunes.

The Upper Primary pupils are also really settling into the music and feeling confident and secure around Robyn and Amy.  One student was “beaming with joy” and was very eager to play the violin. Some pupils who had been initially nervous and unsure are now really enjoying their music lessons with our players and are making excellent progress. We’re all excited about seeing the students’ achievements during the final performance of their work.


Next Week: Lisa and players attend the final performance 

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