Music Without Barriers

Workshops for Visually Impaired Pupils and People with Complex Disabilities in Birmingham

We have been delivering music workshops at Priestley Smith Specialist School in Perry Bar, for visually impaired (VI) children since September 2019. These workshops are aimed at addressing the lack of musical opportunities for the VI, and the lack of appropriately trained teachers in this sector.

In July/August 2022, the workshops were further developed, with the delivery and continuation of a successful pilot project at Sense TouchBase Pears (STBP) in Selly Oak, a centre that specialises in working with people with multi-sensory disabilities in Birmingham, particularly the Deafblind.

Establishing this partnership with STBP has led to another successful pilot project during our Autumn 2023/Spring 2024 season. We are delivering monthly sessions for pupils with special needs from Fox Hollies School and for children with terminal illnesses receiving respite or end of life care at Acorns Children’s Hospice

Music Without Barriers also includes our Café Muse at STBP, a music-led participative community café accessible for all, led and delivered by our professional musicians. Café Muse is aimed at adults and children with multi-sensory disabilities, as well as their families and carers. To find out more about Café Muse click here


Diane Clark – Flute at Acorns Children’s Hospice

Priestley Smith Specialist School

"There were some really special moments – and the smile on the little boy after feeling the vibrations of my cello through his feet will stay with me for a long time – a truly special moment!"

"We played Jurassic Park a lot, often utilizing the vibrating backpack with the microphone near to the cello so that the art maker could feel lots of the instrument’s resonance"

"We both had a relaxing time yesterday listening to the lovely music being played thank you"

"M went from being very sleepy (in fact, he had a cat nap - when he woke, we played Topcat!) to being really animated and really laughing to the music. He loved the vibration jacket as it heightened his experience"

"I'm truly grateful for the patience and care you displayed during the sessions"

Acorns Children’s Hospice