We’ve Launched a Podcast!

We’ve produced our first podcast series, in partnership with the Stratford Literary Festival, as part of a new environmental project called ‘Earthcycle’ which will see us hosting three concerts and music/art workshops in schools across the region.

Two podcasts have been produced by writer, producer, and presenter Madeleine Finlay, aimed at children of primary school age, empowering children to make small changes to adapt to the climate change crisis whilst showing them the value of connecting to the natural world.

A third podcast has been produced by writer, internationally renowned climate activist and winner of the Orwell Prize for Journalism, George Monbiot. George’s podcast, exploring the impact of UK farming practices on nature extinction.


George Monbiot and Madeleine Finlay podcasts
Madeleine Finlay and George Monbiot appear on our Earthcycle Swan Project Podcasts

The concerts, taking place in Stratford, Coventry and Pershore, will be a mesmerising multimedia experience celebrating the 300th anniversary of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, performed alongside a new version by jazz composer David Gordon and interspersed with traditional songs by folk singer Jackie Oates and featuring specially shot contextual film, bespoke lighting, and sound design, ‘Earthcycle’ contemplates humanity’s most urgent environmental concerns, whilst celebrating nature and our place within it. You can read more more about Artistic Director David Le Page’s inspiration behind Earthcycle here. 

The project will also see four full days of music and art workshops in schools in Nuneaton/Bedworth in partnership with the Warwick Schools’ Foundation, community arts organisation Escape Arts and educator Felicity Robinson, supported by two ‘Nurture Nature’ videos for primary schools due to be released at the end of February.

The Earthcycle Swan Projects Podcasts are available from orchestraoftheswan.org/earthcycle-podcasts.

Earthcycle concerts will be at Stratford Play House (7 February 2023, 7pm), Number 8, Pershore (Friday 10 February 2023, 7:30pm) and Drapers’ Hall, Coventry (Thursday 9 March 2023, 7:30pm). 

For more information orchestraoftheswan.org/concert/earthcycle/