Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto in G Minor, RV 315, ‘L’estate’: III. Presto is first single to be released from much-awaited Earthcycle album.

Our first single from the new album Earthcycle (out 19/01/24) is out now. The arrangement by David Le Page is the third movement of Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto in G Minor, RV 315, ‘L’estate’: III. Presto.

Currently featured on Spotify’s Classical New Releases playlist, the single was initially performed during a summer event of Earthcycle at the Stratford Play House and Drapers Hall. You can also experience it once more at The Courtyard, Hereford, on May 3, 2024.

“Beneath the blazing sun’s relentless heat, men and flocks are sweltering, pines
are scorched. We hear the cuckoo’s voice; then sweet songs of the turtle dove and
finch are heard. Soft breezes stir the air, but threatening north winds sweeps them
suddenly aside. The shepherd trembles, fearful of violent storms and what may lie
ahead. His limbs are now awakened from their repose by fear of lightning’s flash
and thunder’s roar, as gnats and flies buzz furiously around. Alas, his worst fears
were justified, as the heavens roar and great hailstones beat down upon the proudly
standing corn.”

The next single from Earthcycle will be released on Tuesday, 28 November. The Robin’s Petition is a traditional folk song collected by Cecil Sharp from romany singer Emma Glover in Somerset in 1909, has been arranged by folk vocalist Jackie Oates and Orchestra of the Swan’s David Le Page. 

Violin Concerto in G Minor, RV 315, ‘L’estate’: III. Presto, is available to stream here on Signum Records.”

Currently, there are over 3,000 older people living with dementia in the Herefordshire region, and this figure is predicted to rise to 5,500 by 2035. Herefordshire is one of six counties that has the highest proportion of veterans in the UK. The 2021 Census reports there are 9,600 veterans living in Herefordshire, which equates to 11 per cent of households, with 450 veterans living in a care setting. The estimated veteran population living with dementia in the county is about 1500.

The grant from Herefordshire Freemasons comes through the Masonic Charitable Foundation, funded by Freemasons, their families, and friends, from across England and Wales.

Debbie Jagla, managing director of Orchestra of the Swan, said: 

“We’re very grateful to Herefordshire Freemasons for their generous grant which has secured the future of this important service for armed forces veterans or people with a link to the armed forces whether through a partner who may have served in the forces or other family member, either living with dementia and/or other mental health challenges.  Over the last two years we’ve hosted well over 100 Café Muse sessions at the Courtyard, helping to improve the emotional wellbeing of more than 1,200 attendees. All this was made possible through co-created musical workshops delivered by Orchestra of the Swan’s professional musicians”

Michael Holland from Herefordshire Freemasons, said:

“I’m very pleased we’ve been able to support the Orchestra of the Swan’s wonderful programme of musical workshops for former soldiers with dementia. Freemasons have an excellent record backing charities looking after both military veterans and people with dementia and I am proud to be associated with this important project.”

Café Muse takes place every Wednesday at The Courtyard, Hereford from 11am to 2pm, with provision of a free lunch. If you or someone else you know would like to attend, you can book by calling 01926 350228, email or head to for more information.