Gal/Schumann CD Vol 2


Hans Gál
Symphony no 4 (Sinfonia Concertante), Op 105

I. Improvisazione: Molto moderato – Allegro moderato
II. Scherzo leggiero: Vivace mo non presto
III. Duetto: Adagio
IV. Buffoneria: Allegro con spirito

Robert Schumann
Symphony no 2 in C major, Op 61

I. Sostenuto assai: Allegro ma non troppo
II. Scherzo: Allegro vivace
III. Adagio espressivo
IV. Allegro molto vivace

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The first volume of this fascinating series, pairing the four symphonies of Hans Gal and Robert Schumann, has intrigued and delighted listeners.

Volume 2 brings Gal’s final work in the genre – perhaps the great ‘Classical’ symphony of the modern era, deeply connected to the music of Haydn and Mozart – and Schumann’s Second, whose exhilarating narrative was born of personal crisis.

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