Primary Schools Workshops

FluteDiane Clark, TromboneMartha-Ann Brooks, ViolinRebekah Allen  

Our Swan players have been visiting multiple schools within the CV34 area, with workshops tailored to each specific school. These workshop sessions are designed both to inspire the children about music-making, introduce classical instruments and to give them an experience of live music.

"Two children expressed to a player that they had an instrument at home that they had never tried before but were going to go home that night and ask their parents if they could play it."

"Thank you to those members of Orchestra of the Swan who provided tuition to those children who have an interest in music. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed the session and has benefitted greatly."

"It was an incredibly positive experience for our children and one that will have inspired many of them to engage with music at Primary school."

Our players in action at CV34 schools

"After one of the sessions, Fran asked if anyone would like to learn an instrument - almost every hand shot up!"

The Sailors Hornpipe 

Symphony No.5 

“To begin, the musicians introduced their instruments and performed an interactive set for our KS2 and Year 2 children – we were treated to lots of interesting sounds especially from the trombone! The children tapped the pulse as the flautist played the Sailor’s Hornpipe getting faster and faster! “

“The highlight of the morning was the hour before lunch when we gathered together everyone in the school who is learning to play an instrument into our school hall to make our own Pop-up Orchestra! We had cellos, violins, clarinets, flutes, a cornet, guitars, ukuleles and percussion (our keyboard players). We worked on and performed a reel led by the wonderful musicians from the orchestra. The atmosphere was electric full of joy and music – our children were very proud of their achievements.”

“I can’t deny that I was slightly worried about the orchestra session when you first suggested it. However, I shouldn’t have been – we must have had between 45 and 50 children in the hall all at different levels; your talented musicians/teachers were very quick to assess their ability levels and include everyone in the reel, which was also great fun! I believe that every child there felt that they contributed something to the overall sound. You could feel the buzz!”

Sarah Franklin, Music Lead, Newburgh Primary School